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Lisa Frank is my spirit animal

As if

Baby Ginger Posh Scary Sporty & Pumpkin


Here comes the CapriSun

Leonardo Dicaprisun

Justin JC Chris Joey & Lance

Lord of the Ring Pops

Met on dream phone

New flip who dis?

Nick AJ Kevin Brian Howie

Rollin' with the homies


Talk to the hand

This is an Alaia

We're so *nsync

Game over


50 shades of Grey Goose

Champagne campaign

Cognac West

Don't Drake and drive


Gone with the gin

Swim & tonic

Sunday funday

Tequila Mockingbird

Too old for this bar

Whiskey me away

Wish you were beer

Watch me sip, watch me lay lay

Sip, sip, hooray!

Drinking Buddies

For richer or for pourer

Whiskey me off my feet

Just renewed my gin membership

Don't keep it bottled up

Anti Valentine

Not today Cupid

World'd okayest girlfriend

I like you more than Kanye likes Kanye

I like you and naps

Forever alone

Roses are red, pizza sauce is too, I ordered a large & none is for you.

Olive myself

I didn't want a Valentine anyway…


Back that hass up

The good kind of fat

Guaca flocka

Kick hass

Let's toast

Toast master


Let's avocuddle

Stop, guac & roll



Boy bye

Don't worry Beyonce

I slay


Queen Bee

Sweatin' out my blowout

The Beyhive

Twirl on them haters

Why be you when you can Beyonce?

To infinity and Beyonce


Drinking Buddies


Friends don't let friends drink alone

Co-authoring texts since 2002

My bff is the delivery guy

No new friends

You're the mac to my cheese

Girl Gang

Tall fry/ Small fry

Breast Friends

Partners in wine

Burger lover/ Fries lover

Brunch bunch

We hate the same people

Hating the same things since 1990

Palentine's Day

They don't do it like my clique


Burgers and Fries

Fries before guys

Daily poutine

Fry me a river




Every meal is a happy meal

Sight for sore fries

Shit's bunreal

Fried & Prejudice

Tate it or leave it

Tater hater


Clean Plate Club


Streat Meat


Clerly's Basement

The Bean



Pahk the cahr

Tom Brady


Cornah store





Manhattan spillover

F the L train

The ghost train

The people's train

Check out my etsy page

Intentionally ironic since 2008

This is my non-upcycled shirt


Grass-fed, gluten-free, organic

Rooftop microgreens only

Urban farmer

I love a good man bun

Beards or bust

Beards, buns, brooklyn

Thrift store find

Locally grown

I compost

Gentrifying BK since 2000




Do brunch, not that

In brunch we trust

Sunday funday

Brunches over crunches

Viva la brunch

Brunch so hard

Mornings are for mimosas

Brunch of b*tches

Brunch Bunch


Are you kitten me right meow?

Check meowt

Crazy cat lady

New York Kitty

The Great Catsby

The Sound of Meowsic

You feline me


Easy rider

Ride or die chick

Shot gun



I wheely like you


Just in queso

To brie or not to brie

Blessed brie

Cheese fries, please!

I Camembert it

It ain't easy being cheesy

Brie mine

Too gouda for you

You're the mac to my cheese

Cheese the day


Chicago > NYC

Big girls don't chi

Chi city

In too deep

Off the deep end

In the deep end

Windy af

The Chi

Da Bears

Drunk at North Beach

Chi me a river

Drunk on a float

No really it's cold

Cold af

Knee deep

Pop not soda

We say pop

Portillo's only

Portillo's beefcake


Gym shoes not sneakers


I heart Weiner Circle


Club Nitro


But first, coffee

Death before decaf

I like you a latte

Insert coffee to begin

Runs on coffee

Mornings are for coffee & contemplation

Coffee. News. Bagel.

Bean thinking about you


Stay woke

No talkie

Nothing without you

Ice, ice baby

No chill




Raptor round your finger


Tea Rex

You make my heart saur


Current mood

Donut worry


Robert Frosted

Donut kill my vibe

Hold me closer tiny donut

Hole in one

Sweet af

Weird dough

Donuts over dudes

Glazed & confused

Donut disturb




Don't Drake & drive

Drake fan club

Hotline Bling

You used to call me on my home phone

Kanye attitude, Drake feelings

Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake?

Starting wearing more & going out less



Namastay in bed

With bump not plump

Bun in the oven

Baby on board

Eating for two

For Moms



Mom! The meat loaf

Runs on coffee

Mama bear

Moms wine because kids whine


I'm a cool mom

Mom hair don't care

I'm not asking I'm telling

Mama needs her juice

Stacy's Mom

Because I said so

50 Shades of Grey Hair

Yo da mom

I know best


Ain't no hood like motherhood

For the Bros

Bro choice

When in Brome


Broses are red

Chest of honor

Manichest destiny



Meat sweats

The wild wild chest

Trophy husband

Arm candy


Hotter by 1 degree

I wined a lot but I did it

Cs get degrees

Not a loan

In debt & all I got was this lousy diploma

Indebted to my alma mater

Newly minted adult

I can't adult tody

Now adulting

Grown up time

I've peaked

Well read

Goal digger

Overly educated

Broke & fab

Degree in kick ass

Schools out forever

Hall pass, no class

It's not summer break, I just summer

Spring break forever

Adult spring break

It ain't bad to be a grad

Broke entrepreneur

Entry level CEO

First time adult


Hire me

Won't work for free

F/u pay me

Work work work work work

Magna cum rowdy

Girls Girls Girls

Goal digger

Boss lady

Never not late


Big hair don't care

Coco made me do it

Eat. Pray. Hustle.

Fries before guys

Head honcho

I like my puns intended

I'm kind of a big deal

Pizza rolls over gender rolls


Queen B

Profesh af

Stop. Glamour time

War paint

Love is love is love

Smoke show

Bread winner


Merry X-mas ya filthy animal

Sleigh my name, sleigh my name

None for Gretchen Weiners

You go Glen Coco

Merry Crustmas

I like you a latke

Baby it's cold outside

Bye Buddy! Hope you find your Dad!

Challah back girl

Cotton headed ninny muggin


Feast mode

Feliz naughty dog

Fleece Navidad

Happy challah days

I sleigh

Matza ballin'

Meowy X-mas

Merry & bright

New year, old me

Pour me one menorah

Thanksgiving nap shirt

'Tis the season

50 Shades of Sleigh

Ringing in the New Year

Santa doesn't believe in you either

Santa claws

What the elf?

Kanye & Kardashians


Kanye asada

Cognac West

Two eggs over Yeezy

Kanye 20/20

What would North do?

Humble with a touch of Kanye

Kanye attitude, Drake feelings

I like you more than Kanye likes Kanye


Partners in wine

Brie mine

Say you'll be wine

I wheely like you

Love the wine you're with



Love Triangle

I've got a crust on you

My lo mein squeeze

Wish you were beer

Yoda one for me

I like you a latte

You're the hottest pocket

You turn me naan

I want a bouquet of rose

Groove is in the heart

Be my lover

I am everything because you feed me

Sip me baby one more time

For richer or for pourer

Unbake my heart

When two become one

Gone with the gin

Whiskey me off my feet

You're like fine wine

Spilled my heart out

Too gouda for you

You're soy awesome

Soy mate

Wagyu you mean?

Textual healing

I heart you BB

Mean Girls

s butter a carb?

None for Gretchen Wieners

You go Glen Coco

Hair full of secrets

Kalteen bars

So fetch

On Winesday we drink pink

You can't sit with us

Get in, loser


Too old for this bar

Namastay in bed

Being nice is cool

Busy doing nothing


I am unable to even

In memory of when I cared

It was me. I let the dogs out.

Lacroix is life

I am le tired

Not today

Plz do not disturb rn

Resting b*tch face

See you next tuesday

Silently correcting your grammar

If you think you'll win me over with food, you're right

Why fall in love when you can fall asleep?

Sorry I wasn't listening

Sorry I'm late. I didn't want to come.

Sunglasses & Advil

Text only

Sh*t happens

Sorry not sorry

Stay home club

Lisa Frank fan club

No chill

I can't adult today


Never not late

Living la vida brokah

Bad hair day

Over it

Shoot for the stars

Lost & Found

Mouth breather

Eleven is my homegirl


Not doing things


Dream team

The snuggle is real

Donut disturb

Throw pillow

West coast napper

East coast napper

Sleep on sleeping on

No sleep until BK

LaCroix myself to sleep

Five more minutes

Talk sleepy to me

Le tired

New York

New York doesn't love you

New York Pretty

Never leaving Brooklyn

Upper Best Side

LES is more

Broadway & Prince

Broke millennial

Brooklyn is too far

East coast napper



Uber VIP

Never not late

I (taxi) NYC


Downtown Girl

Uptown Girl

No time for showtime

What's above 14th street?

Nothing above 14th street

Incident at Third st

Hold me like a dispatcher

Stay right, pass left

Hallal cart

Dirty water dog

Murray Chill

Can't stand the heat, get out of Hell's Kitchen

Professional Bodega Cat

Track fire

Village Idiot

Street Meat

Mimosas. Money. Manhattan.


Grimes Square

I only drink Manhattans

What time is it? Showtime

Offical New Yorker

Grand Central



Kick today in the peach

Shake that sass

What the fuzz?

Freedom of peach


Peach better have my money


Poop happens

Will sit for pizza


Sorry not sorry




Don't stop retrievin'

He looks more like his dad

Carb your dog

Only Child

I Uber

Ball so hard

Pet & Owner

Couch potato/ Tater tot

Scooper/ Pooper

Ruff day/ Girl, you know it

Obv. not a cat person/ Me either

Fun sized/ Full sized

I take bribes/ I trust my dog's opinion of you


Pee-on/ Boss


Well rounded diet

Cutting carbs

Slice, slice baby

Lil' pizza my heart

In pizza we crust

Want a pizza me?

Love triangle

I've got a crust on you

Doughs before bros

East crust

West crust

The circle of life


I want pizza, not your opinion

Whole Foods

A whole new world

Will sit for pizza

I fall to pizzas

Never give up

Roses are red, pizza sauce is too, I ordered a large & none is for you.

Slice to meet you

Cheesus crust


The only boy worth waiting for is the delivery boy

Crust in yourself

Flour child

Crust fund baby

Ride or pie

I like thick crusts and I cannot lie

Let me see that pizza roll

Cheese all that

That pizza, dough

Say, cheese

Cheese the day

Another one bites the crust

When two becrumb one

Cheesus take the wheel

Cold Pizza Club

Pie me a river

Pie curious


Got dough?

Cheat day

Diet starts tomorrow


Resolutions/ Anti Resolutions

What resolutions?

This year I will be adopted by the Kardashians

This year I will extrafries

Make better bad decisions

Whole foods

Fat free, gluten free, carb free, lol nvm

Does eating cheese make me a gym rat?

Eat more veggies: carrot cake, zucchini bread,

pumpkin pie.

I pec thigs up and glute them down

Abs of meal

Just here to show off my workout gear

Don't run. Guac.

Living my best life

Broke but fabulous

Pour choices

Running late is my exercise

Screw it

Nap more. Stress less.

San Francisco


Pac Heights

Russian Hill

The Mission

Commuter bus shirt

Tonga Room

Urban hiker


Official wine taster

Nap nap Napa


All that & dim sum

Control your tempura

I'll never let you gyoza

Miso hungry

Shrimpin' ain't easy

These rolls ain't loyal

Udon know me

Honor roll

Sashimi rollin'

Soy mate

You're soy awesome


Blood sweat sequins

Glitter for breakfast

Sparkly af

Shine bright

Confetti wap

Spring Break

Mistakes on a plane

Bar so hard

Making pour decisions

Punta Cana get a drink?

Plane shirt

Throwing shade

Laps to the swim-up bar

Spring broke


Just in queso

Kanye asada

Chipotle is my life

Fajita the moment

Let's taco bout it

Make tacos not war

Will work for tacos

Every now & then I fall apart

Nacho friend

I know guacamole is extra


Never not late

Five minutes away

Before Uber

All hail

Back seat make out

I (taxi) NYC

Power nap

Ride or die


Don't upstream me bro

Not the FDR



Future Mrs.



BRB honeymooning



Team Bride

Team Groom

Wifed up

Ring on it


Off the market

Ring the alarm

Engaged to be fed

I do crew

Bridin' dirty

Bride tribe

Just said yes


Will you marry me?

Wifey For Lifey

Soon to be Mrs.

Let's Toast

Bougie Bride

Simply Smitten

Bride to be

Cloud Nine

Maid of Honor



You had me at merlot


Bordeaux patrol

House of the riesling sun

It's Winesday

On Winesday we drink pink

Rise & wine

Wine not?

Wine don't whine

Wizard of Shiraz


Everything happens for a riesling

Partners in wine

Say you'll be wine

Stop & smell the rose

Rose si vous plait

Yes way, rose

I'll be ready in a prosecco

Rose all day

Merlot it's me

Screw it

Juice cleanse

You're like fine wine

For richer or for pourer

Don't keep it bottled up



Cold af


Netflix & Naps

Snow bored

Up to snow good

Winter is coming

Glove compartment